• Vehicle Hoist Replacement Pads
    Vehicle Hoist Replacement Pads

Who we are!

Designed by a mechanic, for the mechanic is the inspiration behind the practical thinking of the Tray Man business.

Due to our years of experience in the mechanical field our products have been thought out and designed to benefit others in the industry. Keeping it simple and Australian made, have contributed to the success of tray man. The products are produced in Australia by a family run business employing local trades.

The history behind workshop services were just old tins, cut up plastic drums and old oil drums. The Tray Man saw a need to improve and modernize the existing products.
Our company has a reputation for practical and simple ideas that work, not only for the mechanic, but also for his workshop.

They are produced from durable rotational molded polyethylene plastic which handles all the vigorous needs of the workshop. ┬áSo be it Oil / Coolant drain tray, Hoist Replacement Pads, Trolleys, Bunding Trays, Vehicle Servicing tools, Drum storage or many other products be assured you’re purchasing Aussie designed and manufactured quality.

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